Sensitive Kinesiology 

Essentially, Kinesiology as used in the complementary health field, is defined primarily as the use of muscle testing to identify imbalances in the body's structural, chemical, emotional or other energy, to establish the body's priority healing needs, and to evaluate energy changes brought about by a broad spectrum of both manual and non-manual therapeutic procedures. In our body and energy system all experiences and experiences are stored, even if these are not in our consciousness. Blockades and stress factors can be sought out and solved effectively. The request of Sensitive Kinesiology is to activated the self healing forces to determine our resources in personal, professional and private sectors. We work particularly gentle to find the optimal solution. All levels are included by the work on emotional, energetic, mental and physical level into to welfare-end the process. The balance possibilities e.g. reach from the 5 elements balance,meridian balance, stress release, chakra balance, colour mediation up to the work with essences like Bach flower remedies, Schüßler salt and Aura Soma.

Qigong Yangsheng

Qigong is an important part of the traditional Chinese welfare art beside acupuncture and herb medicine. Qi means "energy of life", Gong the “persistent effort“. Substantial aspects of the exercises are special body attitudes, movements, breath techniques, concentration and imaginative power. Qigong balances bodie, spirit and soul; can positively affect joy of life and life energy; leads to the relaxation and stress reduction, leads to inspiration and enrichment in the artistic life; healthy attitude, stabilization, training of perception promotes - and concentration ability. Qigong exercises can be adapted to the individual conditions regarding constitution, condition, characteristics of the state of health and age and can be practiced and learned by everyone. From the instructional system I offer the 8 Brocade, 15 styles of the Taiji Qigong and play of the 5 animals.


Reiki is Japanese and means “universal life energy “. It is a very old welfare method of the energy transmission, which was rediscovered in the 19th century by Mikao Usui. Reiki energy is passed on to the client either the hands on the body or non-contact over the body. Reiki leads to stress dismantling and relaxation - vitalises body and spirit - supports the body-own self healing forces - works cleaning and detoxicating - solves blockades in the energetic sense - adapts to the natural need of the receiver - adjusts the energy balance - is a very pleasant holistic welfare method - promotes the harmonious cooperation of all levels (body, spirit, soul).

Who I am

Born 1963, raised somewhere in the middle of Germany I landed 1985 in Braunschweig. I have 3 grown-up children, two adorable grandchild and a loving husband. Thanks to my asthma I was looking for motion theraphy and relaxation treatments. 1995 Qigong Yangsheng crossed my way and after I finished my training I started with Qigong groups for asthmatics, MS patients and children. First time ever I had contact with Reiki was back in Shanghai where I stayed for 4 years. Later on I successfully completed a training in Sensitive Kinesiology. My work is based on awareness, love and joy. I wish to support people to stay in balance between earth and heaven in other words to stay with the flow!  



Qigong Yangsheng 

110 € for 12 sessions (3-5 Pax, 1 session is abt 60 min) Check out: "Termine-Kurse"

35€ personal instruction (60 min) 

The health insurance founds might subsidize courses. Some of them are TKK, Deutschen BKK, KKH, BarmerGEK. Ask your health insurance found about "Primärprävention nach § 20 Abs. 1".  


Sensitive Kinesiology 

40 Euro  for one session (60 to 90 min)



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